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P. Gnana

P. Gnana paints, sculpts and creates conceptual installations, as one of Singapore’s leading artists. Indeed, he has obtained a highly-captivated audience in the Lion City and internationally, for the aesthetic and conceptual niche that he has created for himself within the ever-competitive dynamics of urban art-making, This, he continues to achieve, by constantly counter-challenging or taming the forces that urge him to dispel his obsessive fascination towards the cow, a recurring symbol in his art since the past four years.


It is a fact that exemplary paintings by Gnana are also in the collections of the President of the Republic of Singapore and the Singapore Art Museum of the National Heritage Board.


Gnana is a recipient of the LASALLE Scholarship of the LASALLE College of the Arts (Singapore), from where he received his formal training in the art of painting.


Gnana was granted the honour of being selected (in 2005) to undertake a project commissioned by Singapore’s Ascendas to create fourteen large-scaled paintings with an abstract expressionistic motivation for the International Tech Park in Chennai.


In 2013, one of Gnana’s larger-than-life sculptures made from recycled materials was acquired by the National Parks Board (Singapore) to display in Fort Canning Park Singapore.

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