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The Last Supper II.jpg

Ada Panopio, Philippines

The Last Supper II, 2020

Acrylic on canvas

46x61cm (stretched)


Artist's synopsis

It says that the last supper is the most controversial painting of all times and recognizable pieces in the history of art. This is originally my own way of capturing the events that will still occur in the life of Jesus. It shows mightiness and Jesus being intrepid in more ways than one was one courageous God who showed benevolence despite villains here, there, and everywhere.



In this art, I did an Impressionism style that is maintained, despite the challenge of the one-point perspective. There are thirteen figures present; the figure of Jesus is at the center of the frame, forming a round table. The positions of the disciples are natural, energetic, giving the emotion of the scene a ring of truth, capturing the drama of the moment.



These bright shade of Reddish/ orange colors, however, lead us to yet another intriguing piece of information about the painting… its near-destruction, foreshadowing for the tragic events that would befall upon Jesus.



 As well as other Last supper painting, I also put the three windows behind the dinner crowd as symbol for the holy trinity.



This piece of artwork as simple as it may seem symbolizes that Jesus loves us despite our sins. That treachery or deception does not hinder him from showing how much he loves humanity and all his creations in his well-master planned universe.



Thus, every home must own a piece of Last Supper to take pleasure in the love of Christ and enjoy his bounty, more than ever.

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