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Kerry Collins

I was born in Cork city, Ireland in 1968.

Prior to attending the Crawford College of Art and Design in 1997 as a mature student, I was fortunate to have experienced a year of living in London, a year of odyssey in Southeast Asia and 3 years in the splendour of New Zealand.

Relishing every moment of my time in Crawford, I graduated in 2002 and received the UTV Young Artist prize, and the Cork University College, Eli Lilly purchase prize. I was invited by Prof. Robert Yacamini of UCC to hold my first public solo exhibition in the College in 2003 which was a sell-out experience.

I am currently working as a private, professional artist and my works have gone into many homes and public spaces around the world.

My work has always been figurative, evolving in every phase of subjects. Themes have included clowns, cows, Kombis, Crosshaven, Camden, and more, as life happens. I have always been fascinated by the power of oil paint to transform that blank canvas into a beautiful face or place.

In recent years I have sought to further my skills, to work with contemporaries I consider world class and again, relish in that buzz of community.

In expanding my education, I have undertaken workshops with Swedish artist Nick Alm in Seville,  Washington based artist Teresa Oaxaca at the Welsh Academy of Art and Irish artist and Angel Academy instructor Brian Smith at the Crawford. In November 2020, I worked with Ukrainian maestro Artem Rogowoi on an one to one basis with a focus on oil painting and gilding.

Now, in my Glengarriff, West Cork studio, I am working on a new phase. I am deeply grateful to feel such satisfaction in my work process. I am fortunate to be currently working and being mentored by a wonderful artist and former principal instructor at The Florence Academy, Cornelia Hernes.

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