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Ignatius Yeo

Ignatius Yeo pursued his visual art journey in 2009. He is largely a self-developed

visual artist who fell in love with ink-wash approach in minimalist style. His works

exude a strong blend in fusing Eastern-Western styles and approach. Although his

techniques may seem Western, it is predominantly Chinese brush painting in

philosophy; of lines, strokes, tones, placement and positive-negative space for that

dynamism and harmonic balance of all elements within his compositions.

He loves to trawl and troll back alleys and streets with his Guan Dao pens to walk his

dot and waltz with his lines. Over the year, he had developed his own unique identity

and signature style although he is ever evolving due to his restless explorative and

experimental nature. He would experiment with different medium, techniques and


He is one of the 4 artists commissioned by Frasers Centrepoint to paint the 22m long

by 4m high wall mural on basement 2 of The Centrepoint Mall in 2015 and one of the

two artists commissioned by Pek Kio Community Club to paint a 5m long by 3m high

wall mural along Cambridge Road in 2020.

His works are collected by corporations, individuals and public figure in Singapore,

Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Canada.

He sees himself as a time traveller (時空行者) traversing space-time-space to eat to

live to eat and walk his dot.

Ignatius Yeo profile pic.jpeg
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