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HALim (born in 1945) is the pseudonym of HockAnn Lim, an experimental contemporary painter. He is the eldest son of the late notable pioneer watercolorist Lim Cheng Hoe whose works greatly inspired his peers and influenced younger generation of artists here and Malaysia. 

HALim had his training in Art both from his dad & NAFA after his GCE O-level. However, he did not seriously pursue his art career until the day of of his retirement at age 55.

To date, HALim has held 3 Solo art exhibitions: 2 in Singapore and 1 in the Philippines. And he also participated occasionally in group exhibitions here and in Philippines too. The 3 solo events were held at the Volvo Art Loft Gallery in 2009, at Ins' Art International Gallery in 2014, and at Baguio Country Club in 2016. 

Moreover, HALim completed a few art mural installations here, Malaysia and in the Philippines - deemed as ad hoc creations.


HALim's Art Philosophy: 

(1) Like innovation, art creation's infinite. Good works of art are infinitely profound and enduring, and, do to a considerable extent, hold intellectual appeal.


(2) The only way forward is to have the courage and spirit to think out of the box to evolve to the next stage - an ongoing journey to push the envelope of art creation. Art knows no bounds! 

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