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Green Peace, 2008

Mixed media of oil, acrylic, watercolour, oil pastels and crayon


78x54cm (unframed)

103x79cm (framed)


Green Peace - Artist's synopsis

This creative idea was conceived when large Indonesian virgin forests were set ablaze in various spots predominantly in Sumatra and Kalimantan thus paving the easy way to grow oil palm trees. That's how the haze situation reigned yearly during the dry hot months, polluting the air in Indonesia as well as its neighbouring countries.

The forest fires released CO2 & other potent greenhouse gases such as methane and nitrous oxide that became our health hazards.

Other major recent wild forest infernos also took place in California & in Victoria/NSW, Australia. Slash and burn approach to deforest the Amazon (named the lungs of our planet) since last year adversely affected the photosynthesis process thereby reducing our oxygen level by 1% in our atmosphere causing severe climate change the world over. 

Hence, my piece "Green peace" was created to remind ourselves to hold Gaia in high esteem to  protect the natural forests and all the creatures that habituate within.


In my composition, the variant shades of green represent the forests (the darker tones represent the virgin woods & some lighter tones denote influences by rustic human activities). The vertical & horizontal grid folds denote the zoning of the land mass & its varying terrain-reliefs. The lighter  hues in white and yellow at the central portion  manifest men's wilful exploitation of the woods that turn the arable land into a barren area after  mineral mining activities ceased.

This artpiece serves as a reminder to restrain ourselves by not upsetting the laws of Nature further to the state of no return.

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