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Yolande Law, Singapore

Foliage, 2013

Mixed media on canvas

45x45cm (unframed)

58x58cm (framed)


Artist's synopsis


I am always fascinated by the beauty and wonders of the nature. I would spend time quietly watching the ever-changing clouds in the sky, the sunshine filtering through the leaves, the swaying branches, the beauty of the flowers, the waters flowing, or the amusing activities of the busy ants, the bold bees or the timid small animals as she too would listen to the gentle whispers of the wind or the quietness of the night. I notice many interesting patterns springing out all over the surrounding and could feel the liveliness and energy emanate in the nature. In quietness is my strength. These become my inspirations for my artworks.

I often played with my children when they were young. In their play, I found inspirations to experiment with unusual tools and media, such as spinning tops, swinging twigs and coffee, to find new ways of making. Reminiscent of a child’s playful experimentation, I spin tops on the sand, excitedly looking at how the spinning tops leave random trails on the canvas or spills coffee on the canvas, eagerly watching how the spills of coffee flow interestingly into unpredictable shapes. The accidental, ‘naturally formed’ shapes or random marks fire my imagination and I transform them into landscapes, creatures or nature in an abstract form with colours of life, hope, joy, peace, strength and love.

The Tops Series is one of my favourite because it is fun in the making process. My children self-made tops with different toy parts and spun the tops around the floor, leaving interesting marks behind. “Wow, the spinning tops draw!” This inspires me to use spinning tops in my artmaking on the sand. In the ‘given’ random marks, I can visualise similar patterns that I often ‘see’ in the surrounding nature. I bring the patterns forward to the surface with bold, vibrant colours to express life, hope, strength, joy, peace and love in the artworks. “Foliage” portrays liveliness, renewal and strength while “Bees in the flower” depicts joy, bright and love.

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