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Eternal Triangles - Artist's synopsis


"Eternal Triangles"--its literal meaning is referred to a sexual or emotional relationship involving love and jealousy among 3 contenders (either involving 2 women and 1 man, or 2 men and 1 woman) that emphasised conflicting & competing attachments of a romantic nature. Today, urbanised socialites and elites and others in the business circles craving for wealth-power and fame have made their 'game-plans' more sophisticated, and being strategically and deeply complex per se to the extent that those outside this sphere may find it hard to swallow.

However, my contention of the subject is skewed in the direction of a creative nature, thus engaging myself earnestly and passionately not with my love-life, but with the concocted art mediums via ongoing experimentation and exploration in the realm of abstractism. 


When creating this artpiece, I conceived juxtaposing cool bluish hues with random silver streaks to form this composition. Black being the original hue of the paper is employed to evince its profound and infinite depth and feel. The mounts and peaks represent the heights lovers of 'eternal triangles' wish to attain and painters like me wish to surmount.

Eternal Triangles, 2009

Mixed oil, acrylic and watercolour

67x48cm (unframed)

77x97cm (framed)


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