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Ignatius Yeo and Meng Rui, Singapore

Balance Imbalance 1, 2 and 3

Acrylic paint and ink on canvas

76x100cm (stretched) per piece

$2200 each or

$6000 for the whole set of 3

Artist's synopsis

It is always not as real as we see what’s around us or does it seems to be? At times, what is seen as balanced is deceptively otherwise. It could be actually an illusive order of an extreme imbalance. Pondering over this delusion, I try to portrait my ideal of a seemingly balance through this pivoting artwork series of roly poly dollies.

The artworks are my perception of my apprehension on balance and imbalance. These dolls are painted over the background tainted with traditionally Chinese ink of Chinese character gibberish in the artworks to depict my perception of worldly balancing of Yin Yang philosophy of oppositive-ness coexisting with those infallible dollies. They are how I see the elements interrelating to each other in the midst of balance. It is interpretation of what seemingly are Chinese characters and yet not and how all the elements can complement each other in the midst of chaotic imbalance. However, all sorts of temptation, seduction and lust around us tend to tilt that blurred pivot.

If only we could learn some innocent and naïve wisdom from children. Or perhaps traditional philosophy might be something to tilt the balance for us.

How would you relate your life journey such far with ‘Balance Imbalance’?

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